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US Open: Gasquet delivers a terrible confession

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US Open: Gasquet delivers a terrible confession

Posted on September 5, 2022 at 5:35 p.m. by The editorial staff

Richard Gasquet couldn’t do anything against Rafael Nadal at the US Open. Crushed by the Spaniard in three sets, the French spoke later about this meeting, but also Rafael Nadal, and delivered a terrible confession after this heavy defeat in the 3rd round of the competition…

Richard Gasquet won’t go any further the US Open. Indeed, the Frenchman was opposed in the 3rd round to Rafael Nadal. And he has already experienced defeat in this tournament, after being crushed in 3 sets (6-0, 6-1, 7-5). Rafael Nadal therefore passes to the next round, while Richard Gasquet, downcast, was realistic about this encounter and his condition…

“He is much stronger than me”

Thus, in statements reported by We Love Tennis, Richard Gasquet spoke about Rafael Nadal and assumed he could do nothing against him. “He is much stronger than me, he really cancels all my strength and at no time do I manage to have a little strategy, a little air. I managed to relax on the third. It’s still amazing. As soon as he serves, he places himself at breakneck speed. I don’t have the style of play to bother him. You need a big server, someone who attacks him. It’s hard for me to do anything. It’s crazy what he manages to achieve on the court. It’s unbelievable… but hey, that’s the way it is”.

“The 6-0 hurts”

Richard Gasquet subsequently spoke at greater length about his mental state during the meeting, and about the difficulties experienced in meeting Rafael Nadal. “The 6-0 hurts especially since this first set lasts three quarters of an hour, I have a lot of break points, game points on my serve. It wasn’t easy at first, I served very, very badly and then I took a bit of pressure. It happened to me a few times but this was very severe. I knew that I was going to succeed in getting started and that it was going to start, but the problem was that I couldn’t start the thing, that’s what was very hard. Then I’m not going to say that at 6-0, I’m fine. It happened to me at Roland-Garros also two years ago but it was behind closed doors, it was better all the same, it was easier (smile). I managed to relax in the third set and I felt that he was less good, he made a few double faults. Well, I didn’t have any break points either, there was nothing extraordinary, but I could have gone to the tie break and won that set, but the victory was still very far away. He’s stronger, there’s nothing to say and I’m glad I didn’t play him in the first round! »

“17-0, it’s awful”

Richard Gasquet had also mentioned, to his great dismay, his series of defeats against Rafael Nadal before meeting the Spaniard. “17-0 is awful, it doesn’t make me laugh, I’m not proud of this stat, but you have to wear it. I don’t have a huge chance but hey, you have to believe in it, respect the trick. We are both 36 years old, it is fabulous for me to be able to play him again at this stage of my career. From now on, Richard Gasquet has had 18 consecutive defeats against Rafael Nadal. A frightening statistic for the Frenchman, who will never have been able to do much against Nadal.

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