Tennis: Roger Federer makes a big announcement for his return

It’s been a few months since Roger Federer retired. The Swiss had decided to leave the ATP circuit following a knee injury that had bothered him for many months. During an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport on the occasion of a promotional campaign for Uniqlo in Japan, the former world number one made a big announcement about his return to the courts.

At the end of September, after the Wash Cup, Roger Federer definitely left the circuit ATP from repeated knee injuries. The former world number one still plans to do some exhibitons in the future, a subject he returned to in an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“My intention is also to organize exhibitions”

In comments relayed by WeLoveTennis, Roger Federer spoke about his return to the courts. The Swiss admits that he plans to organize exhibition matches in places where he has never played in order to thank all his fans. “I want to go play places I’ve never been and thank the fans who have supported me throughout my career, that’s all I want. My intention is also to organize exhibitions, but it is still too early, unfortunately. My knee is not in perfect condition yet and I have to be patient. »

“Doctors advised me to be careful and wait a few months”

During his interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport, Roger Federer nevertheless clarified that the doctors advised him to remain cautious about the condition of his knee and to wait a few months before resuming any sporting activity. “The doctors advised me to be careful and wait a few months to see how the situation develops, and this does not only apply to tennis but also to other sports that I would like to practice, but I have to go. gently. »

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