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NBA: Criticized, Kyrie Irving lets go

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NBA: Criticized, Kyrie Irving lets go

Posted on September 5, 2022 at 6:35 p.m. by The editorial staff

Since the beginning of his career, Kyrie Irving has not been spared from criticism. Very often, the Nets player has shown that he has a strong character, and several messages of support have already been sent to him. And now it’s her turn to let go of her situation and the comments about her…

Kyrie Irving is one of those players who are debating in basketball. In fact, the leader of net has already drawn the wrath of several fans of the discipline, in particular because of his character and his mentality that could be described as “special”. Still strongly criticized to this day, Uncle Drew recently let loose on his situation…

“I did eccentric shit in public, and behind the scenes”

So in the show The Shop: Uninterrupted, Kyrie Irving referred to these criticisms and his character, achieving a sort of mea culpa in the process. “I’ve been through a lot that I couldn’t even sum up here in 5 or 10 minutes. I don’t use it as a piece of luggage that I like to carry everywhere with me. My story is my story. I’ve done weird shit in public, and I’ve done weird shit backstage. And I learned to live with all the gossip that it may have generated.

“I felt really bad”

Also, in the same show, Kyrie Irving spoke about his mental state after being drafted in 2011 among the Cleveland Cavaliers. “Playing with Bron and KD, they are two of the best players in history. But in our culture, they are two true icons. And I had to follow in Bron’s footsteps. At that time in my life, I felt really bad because I didn’t know where I wanted to go. I watched The Decision. And a year later, I got drafted onto this emotional Cleveland train of the prodigal son, the chosen one is gone, and here we have this 19-year-old kid. Emotionally, I was dealing with things that I had no idea had anything to do with me. Absolutely nothing. So when I took that pressure as my own, I started thinking to myself, ‘I have to get Cleveland back to the top.’ It was a solo act”.

“I love seeing how it has evolved over the years”

However, a lot of support is raining down for Kyrie Irving, despite the criticism. Indeed, on his account Twitter, LeBron James recently commented on this. “He really is so misunderstood! I love seeing how it has evolved over the years. I always believed and knew he was so much deeper than just a phenomenal basketball player.” Some on social media saw this statement as an attempt to recruit Kyrie Irving, which seems announced on the side of Lakers with more and more insistence. Finally, quite recently, Kevin Durant also came to the aid of Kyrie Irving, following the dissemination of fake news concerning the leader of the net. Despite his character, Uncle Drew can therefore count on several size supports…

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