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NBA: A new team for Carmelo Anthony


NBA: A new team for Carmelo Anthony

Posted on September 6, 2022 at 9:35 p.m. by Jules Kutos-Bertin

Even though the Boston Celtics reached the NBA Finals this season, their roster is still a little thin. Arrived to fill this gap, Danilo Gallinari seriously injured his knee in pre-season. To replace him, the C’s would now think of Carmelo Anthony who is a free agent. Still waiting, Melo is also in the sights of the Los Angeles Lakers who see themselves repatriating him.

After Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durantit’s the turn of carmelo anthony to agitate free agency. melo come out of a convincing season with the Los Angeles Lakers as the 6th man, a great first for the former gunner of the New York Knicks. Arrived at the end of the contract with the Californian franchise, carmelo anthony is therefore looking for a team to bounce back from. Even if he is far from having closed the door to Lakers

The Lakers still in the game

Last July, the situation was even clear. The Lakers would be tempted by a return of carmelo anthony but not immediately. ” They have to take care of a lot of things, as everyone knows. But once that’s done, they’ll surely be looking to bring him back. It’s just that at this point they don’t know what’s going to happen with Westbrook and if they’re going to have to take other players. It’s a general trend in the league, where most teams only have 10, 11 or 12 players under contract, and are in no rush before offering the last spots of their squad. “, confided on this subject an anonymous GM.

Carmelo Anthony procrastinates for his future

Same situation for melo. At 37, even if time is running out, the American winger is in no hurry to decide. ” I think he is one of the players who will be decided late. When the teams are settled on what moves they can or can’t make this summer, and as they prepare for the season, they will look into him. I think it’s going to take time for Carmelo, unless Darvin Ham says, “Yeah, I see him taking a role with us and I want him. At this point, Carmelo represents an affordable option “explained the insider Sean Bullpett.

The Celtics are on the prowl

And obviously, carmelo anthony good to wait. Rather than making a hasty decision, melo has been patient and a new franchise has just positioned itself on him. According to information from Boston Globethem Celtics would be interested in carmelo anthony. After the serious injury of Danilo Gallinarirecruited this summer to expand the workforce ofIme Udoka, Boston is forced to find a replacement. On the side of It’sthe case is gaining momentum, mainly because melo has everything the ideal candidate to breathe Jayson Tatum. Finalists last season against the Golden State Warriorsthem Celtics want to do better this year. Even though carmelo anthony was never champion NBAhe has the experience of these major meetings, which may have been lacking in Boston against the armada of Warriors. To be continued…

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