Formula 1: It’s confirmed, Red Bull snubbed Schumacher

After a disappointing first season, Mick Schumacher was not reappointed by Haas for 2023. The American team preferred to bet on the return of his counterpart Nico Hulkenberg. Without a steering wheel, Schumacher could sign up as a reserve driver at Mercedes. For its part, Red Bull has dismissed all hypotheses suggesting the arrival of the German in its ranks.

The paddock of Formula 1 was shaken up and a lot of changes are being made for 2023. Disappointed with the performance of Mick Schumacher, Haas decided to remove it from the grid in order to put Nico Hulkenberg. Still without a steering wheel for next season despite the rumors that send him to mercedes, Schumacher will not join Red Bull. The Austrian team has repatriated Daniel Ricciardo and the Australian will occupy the position of 3rd pilot, behind Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. The option would never have been considered by the bull stable.

“Schumacher was never an option for us”

Helmut Markoconsultant for the team Red Bull, confirmed that Mick Schumacher had never been in the small papers of the Austrian formation for several reasons. On the one hand, it is still signed at Ferrari and on the other, the brand Red Bull needed a driver like Daniel Ricciardo to promote it in the United States. ” No, Schumacher was never an option for us because he was always part of the Ferrari program. And I believe it still is. It is not officially released yet. That is why it is not interesting for us. Especially since our reserve driver has to participate in many sponsored events in the United States. Ricciardo was therefore the right person with his profile and image » detailed Marco in comments relayed by Nextgen-Auto.

Mercedes ready to save Private Schumacher

Thus, the only remaining position resides with mercedes. The German team still does not have a reserve driver and is keeping a place for the son of Michael Schumacher. ” We think we can take care of him if the situation were to arise, but we haven’t really put pen to paper, we haven’t really come close to the conditions. I say it openly because I think it would be appropriate, but we have to arrive [à un accord]see if Sabine [Kehm, manager de Mick] wants it, and then we’ll see ” revealed Toto Wolffsports director of mercedes.

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