F1: Red Bull, Ricciardo… Verstappen makes a terrible observation

During the season, McLaren decided not to extend Daniel Ricciardo in order to replace him with Oscar Piastri. Since then, the Australian has not found a steering wheel as a starter. He will return to Red Bull in 2023 as a reserve. For Max Verstappen, Ricciardo should never have left the Austrian team.

World champion for the second consecutive year, Max Verstappen will find a driver he knows well next season. In effect, Daniel Ricciardo will return home Red Bull, stable he left in 2018. Since then, the Australian has never achieved the ambitions he had set himself, he who dreams of becoming world champion. Worse still, he lost his starting spot at McLaren and will be third driver for Red Bull in 2023. Max Verstappen can only note the downgrading of the Australian, caused by his departure from Red Bull.

“I think it would have been better for Daniel if he had stayed at Red Bull”

Daniel Ricciardo can’t do it since he left Red Bull. The Australian driver has not been there this season with McLaren. According to Max Verstappenhe made the worst possible decision by leaving Red Bull. ” I think it would have been better for Daniel if he had stayed longer at Red Bull back then. I told him about it. You also have to feel good somewhere and that was no longer the case for him at one point in the team. I don’t know the reason, you have to ask him » lamented Verstappen in comments relayed by F1 Auto-Journal.

‘Everyone at Red Bull had their best interests’

Then I think you also have to look for alternatives and make a compromise between sporting success and feeling good somewhere. But I know everyone at Red Bull had Daniel’s best interests at heart. Instead of leaving, Daniel should have told the team about it, but that’s how it happened… continued the reigning double world champion. Max Verstappen will find Daniel Ricciardo5 years later.

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