F1: Perez, Bottas… These drivers who sacrificed themselves for their leader

As in 2021, Max Verstappen won the world championship. This year, he overtook Charles Leclerc in the standings and was much less worried than the previous season. If he was able to count on a considerable lead, it is partly thanks to his teammate Sergio Perez, model of the genre, who agreed to put himself in the shadows. Before him, other model teammates scarified themselves for their leader.

The seasons follow each other and begin to look alike to Max Vertsappen. After putting an end to the hegemony of Lewis Hamilton last season, he did it again this year. His two world champion titles, he owes them in part to Sergio Perez, his teammate. The Mexican did a remarkable job of allowing his leader to win, like his illustrious predecessors who occupied the same role.

Barrichello Schumacher at Ferrari

Arrived in 2000 at Ferrari, Rubens Barrichello was confined to a role of team member of the mythical Michael Schumacher. Reliable and efficient for his first season, he evolves a tone below the German and does not play his personal card. In 2001, he finished third in the world championship, the beginnings of a considerable contribution to Schumacher. In 2002, he achieved his best season by winning 4 Grand Prize but also knew the joys of teammate. During the Austrian Grand Prixhe had got the better of the German all weekend before his team ordered him to leave the victory to Schumacher on the line. In 2003, he won the Suzuka Grand Prix and allows Schumacher to become world champion by depriving Kimi Raikkonen to beat the German at the finish.

Massa Alonso at Ferrari

The Scuderia was not kind to the leader’s teammate. In 2010, Fernando Alonso arrives at Ferrari in order to assert itself as number one. Felipe Massa dominate the German Grand Prix but receives the instruction to let pass his new teammate, much better placed in the classification. This sacrifice could have paid off, but Fernando Alonso failed in second place in the standings, 4 points behind Sebastian Vettel. massah had also ceded its position in 2012 to the South Korean Grand Prix and Brazil so that’Alonso remain in the race for the title.

Bottas-Hamilton at Mercedes

Valtteri Bottas has always been close to Lewis Hamilton race. The Finn was impeccable during his time with mercedes, always agreeing to sacrifice himself for his leader. During his stay with the Silver Arrowshe will have seen Lewis Hamilton win 4 of his 7 championship titles. ” We were very good teammates, I got a few wins, I had a lot of poles, so I have to keep those good things with me. When I look back I think, yeah, I achieved something, maybe I didn’t get the big trophy that I thought I would win when I was six, but still, we did something underlined the Finn after his departure.

Perez-Verstappen at Red Bull

It’s not for nothing that Sergio Perez is nicknamed the Defense Minister. In 2021, it will have been decisive in enabling Max Verstappen to become champion for the first time. The Mexican had perfectly defended his place on the Briton in the Turkish Grand Prix but also to Abu Dhabi. In the dark, Perez never dared to compete Verstappen and showed up as soon as there were points to defend. The situation could change in 2023 given the behavior of the Dutchman who cost the Mexican second place at the end of the season.

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