F1: Max Verstappen threatened, danger in sight for the 2023 season

After winning his first world championship title in the dying moments of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last year, Max Verstappen totally dominated the 2022 season to clinch his second crown. But this domination does not please everyone, or so thinks Damon Hill, former world champion, who spoke on the subject.

Max Verstappen totally dominated this 2022 season to obtain his second world championship title. But for all that, this domination would not have pleased everyone, as explained by Damon Hill for the podcast F1 Nation. According to him, the Dutch driver will be the target of the whole paddock next season.

“Not everyone likes the winner”

In comments relayed by MotorSport, Damon Hill believes that a large part of the pilots do not appreciate the domination of Max Verstappen last season. He specifies that the double world champion will therefore be the target to beat for the coming year. “Not everyone likes the winner, and some think that once you’re in the lead, you’re in a nice position. But there’s one thing that’s unique to this business, which is that all the other teams want to take you down. You become a target, and sometimes it can be confusing not to see people celebrating your successes, but that’s the flip side. »

“But not everyone will be happy to see you win”

Damon Hill continues: “Max experimented with it a bit this year. The competition has tried to find every weakness and it can be stressful. You want to be respected for the work you do that allows you to win in Formula 1. But not everyone will be happy to see you win, that’s the harsh reality of life. »

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