F1: Ferrari’s findings after the Abu Dhabi GP

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F1: Ferrari’s findings after the Abu Dhabi GP

After a toothy season caused by numerous strategic errors, Ferrari still finished second in the constructors’ standings, while Charles Leclerc finished vice-world champion. In Abu Dhabi, the Italian team showed that it could learn from its mistakes and Marc Gêné, a former driver now an ambassador for the Scuderia, wanted to congratulate the whole team after this season.

It’s been a long season for Ferrari. Despite a very good start, the Italian team had a series of bad results and strategies. But over the Grand Prizesshe learned from her mistakes. Marc Geneformer pilot of Formula 1 and now ambassador of the Scuderiaspoke about the season of Ferrari and progress made.

“This past weekend has proven that we can beat anyone”

For F1 Nation Podcast, Marc Gene returned to the season of Ferrari, in particular concerning the errors committed. He admits that the Italian team has nevertheless made progress over the season and relies on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. “We made mistakes this year. First of all in terms of reliability, but we knew that. We knew it would take us four months to make the engine more reliable and it was by the end of the season. We also made mistakes in strategy of course, but again I think we showed that we can be perfect in the last few races. Charles was perfect in Abu Dhabi, as well as the strategy and the pit stops, we did better than Mercedes and Red Bull. So we are able to do the job. This last weekend proved that we are learning and that we can beat anyone. »

“Charles’ race was superb”

After a great performance by Ferrari at Abu Dhabi, Marc Gene would like to congratulate Charles Leclerc of its race, but also the Italian team on its management of stops and its strategy. “It was a very good feeling. We knew we had the upper hand, but it’s always good to finish the job in style. Charles’ race was superb, he did everything perfectly and was the best driver on the track in my opinion. The team was also perfect, both in terms of saves and strategy. »

“So it’s a real accomplishment. »

Ferrari second in the constructors’ standings and Charles Leclerc vice-world champion, Marc Gene ends by explaining that the season is successful. “We are aware that history never remembers whoever finishes second, and people usually have short memories, but to finish the season like this is a big boost for everyone’s morale at Maranello. So believe me, those second places are more important than you think. We were fighting against the Red Bulls and we managed to beat one to the finish, so it’s a real achievement. »

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