F1: Ferrari sounds the alarm, things are going to change

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F1: Ferrari sounds the alarm, things are going to change

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F1: Ferrari sounds the alarm, things are going to change

Posted on September 16, 2022 at 4:35 p.m. by Hugo Chirossel

After a very good start to the season, Ferrari finally could not compete with Red Bull. The Austrian team has a large lead in the constructor standings and the Scuderia now sees Mercedes returning to 35 short lengths. Mattia Binotto admitted finishing third would be a setback for her team and announced a change to come.

Beaten on his land. In front of his supporters, Ferrari hoped to strike a blow last weekend at Monzafor the Italian Grand Prix. As he started from pole position, Charles Leclerc couldn’t fight against Max Verstappen, who won for the fifth time in a row. While she was off to a great start, the Scuderia sees Red Bull soar in the constructor ranking, while at the same time, mercedes come back.

“It would be painful”

The recent performance of Lewis Hamilton and george russell enabled him to return to just 35 points from Ferrari. Mattia Binatto admitted that finishing behind mercedes would be experienced as a failure: It would be painful. To come to that, with the way we started the season, would prove that we haven’t been good enough to improve the car throughout the season. And that there were too many mistakes. But we’re ahead and our intentions are to stay ahead of them », Reports Nextgen-Auto.

“To be perfect is almost impossible”

This season, Ferrari has often been singled out for his strategic mistakes. ” During a race weekend you can always make mistakes. Red Bull commits, Mercedes commits. Being perfect is next to impossible, you have to make a decision on the pit wall, under pressure, but we have to be the best so these mistakes aren’t so costly “, admitted Mattia Binotto.

“Changes are needed”

According to the boss of Ferrarihis team does not need ” to change people, but we certainly need to change some things. The way we communicate, the way we enter into the decision-making process…changes are needed, that’s recognized. Adding value may be necessary, adding people too. But changing people ain’t a way I wanna go, it’s an old way of dealing with problems. »

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