F1: Fernando Alonso already impresses at Aston Martin

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F1: Fernando Alonso already impresses at Aston Martin

While Aston Martin lost Sebastian Vettel to retirement, the British team managed to replace him with another great champion: Fernando Alonso. As soon as he arrived, the Spanish driver totally impressed with his motivation. Pedro de la Rosa, the consultant for Aston Martin, has also spoken on this subject.

At the end of this 2022 season, Aston Martin lost Sebastian Vettel, retired after Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The British team subsequently replaced the German with Fernando Alonso. On his first day, the Spaniard impressed Aston Martin as well explained Pedro de la Rosathe stable’s consultant.

“That’s what impresses me the most about Fernando”

In comments relayed by MotorSport, Pedro de la Rosa confessed to being extremely impressed with the motivation of Fernando Alonso. While the two men have already worked together at McLarenthe consultant ofAston Martin explains that the approach was the same as at the time. “What really surprises me about him is that, for example, I arrived on Monday, and he was assembling the seat. And he smiled, he said he considered his motivation to be exactly the same as when I first worked with him at McLaren in 2007. Exactly the same approach. Preparation, motivation, attitude, expectations, he is a born competitor. His motivation, I would say, is the same or more than 15 years ago. That’s what impresses me the most about Fernando. Because we can argue about his speed and everything, but motivation, attitude at the end of the day, is really what makes the biggest difference in any athlete, especially at this age. »

“He is an ultra-motivated guy”

Pedro de la Rosa continues: ” It’s incredible. If I had been in the car as regularly as he was, I would definitely have stopped at some point. My career is a bit special because I stopped, resumed, stopped, resumed. And every time you leave, you want to come back, and you also have a kind of break that gives you more oxygen or energy to come back. But in his case, it’s different. Fernando is not normal. He’s a highly motivated guy. When he is not in the car, he calls me, he wants to organize a 24 hour race in Dubai. I tell him he just finished the season, and everyone wants to go on vacation. And he wants to start running again in December! So it’s Fernando and I think that’s the good thing about him, he’s different. He doesn’t seem to have enough of car racing. »

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