Before the clash against Alcaraz, Nadal’s crusher under pressure

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Before the clash against Alcaraz, Nadal’s crusher under pressure


Before the clash against Alcaraz, Nadal’s crusher under pressure

Posted on September 9, 2022 at 8:35 p.m. by The editorial staff

Rafael Nadal’s faller at the US Open, Frances Tiafoe has shaken more than one tennis fan around the world. After a very successful match, the American found himself in the center of attention, and will now have to face Carlos Alcaraz in the semi-finals of the Grand Slam…

Frances Tiafoe created the surprise during theU.S. Open. Indeed, the American, in front of his public, took out the big Rafael Nadal, in the round of 16 of the tournament. A victory in 4 sets, very successful for the American. Henceforth, and after leaving Andrey Rublev in the quarter-finals, he will have to face Carlos Alcaraz. And Frances Tiafoe going to face enormous pressure…

“Rafa is the best player he has ever beaten”

Thus, the coach of Frances Tiafoe, Wayne Ferreiraannounces that it will be difficult for the American to overcome this pressure after having overcome Rafael Nadal.The difficulty is that Rafa is the best player he has ever beaten. To put that aside and play again two days later is very, very difficult. So we tried to let him savor this moment while moving on. I have to say he did it perfectly today. Now he is in the semi-finals and we still have to move on. And it won’t be any easier.” he said in comments reported by We Love Tennis.

“It’s something I can tell my children”

On his side, Frances Tiafoe was on a little cloud after his victory against Rafael Nadal. The analysis of my match? A great performance! I played very well today (Monday). I came onto the court knowing I could do it. I am a different player from the one who faced him twice (in Melbourne and Madrid in 2019, two victories for Nadal). I saw all these young people managing to beat Rafa, Fed or Novak. I said to myself: “Am I going to be able to say one day that I beat one of these guys?” Today, I said to myself: “I will do it”. It’s something I can tell my children and my grandchildren: Yes, I beat Rafa. Hopefully I won’t play against him again to finish with a win. After match point? I thought of nothing, I had the impression that time had stopped. For a minute, I couldn’t hear anything. I can’t even remember what I said to Rafa at the net. I was already in tears. I barely saw him, I barely saw my team. My heart was beating at 10,000 an hour, I had to sit down for a minute. I never felt like this in all my life “.

“Everyone knows the level of Frances”

Finally, Carlos Alcaraz also mentioned his meeting with Frances Tiafoe, which will take place on this night from Friday to Saturday. The Spaniard does not expect an easy match against the American, especially in front of the New York public. “ It’s going to be very, very hard. Everyone knows the level of Frances. He likes the crowd. He loves this short. He beat Rafa Nadal and Rublev in three sets. He’s playing incredibly well right now. He is very confident: I will have to give the best of myself “. The battle promises to be intense.

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