Basketball: Star of the Blues, he almost dropped everything


Basketball: Star of the Blues, he almost dropped everything

Published on September 9, 2022 at 9:35 p.m. by The editorial staff updated on September 9, 2022 at 9:43 p.m.

Essential for several years in the French Basketball Team, Evan Fournier has won a few medals with the Blues. However, the one who had his first selection in 2013 almost gave up everything in 2016, after a decision by his coach, Vincent Collet, just before the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The career of‘Evan Fournier could have been quite different. At 29, the winger is one of the players who have become essential in French team. Since 2013, the player of New York Knicks had more than 70 selections with the Blues. However, he was not part of the trip for the Rio Olympicsin 2016. A decision that could have greatly changed his career.

“It’s the mistake of my career”

In an interview given to The Teamthe coach of theFrance team Vincent Collet reversed his decision not to select Evan Fournier. An error according to the technician, still in the running to win a new Euro. ” This is the mistake of my career. I did it in my soul and conscience at the time. People don’t imagine how much we rack our brains before such a decision. But it was bullshit, even more so when we see how Tony had come back to us (left at his wife’s bedside for the birth of his second child, Parker had had to cut several weeks and lacked juice in Rio). Unfortunately, I can apologize, but that won’t change anything. Evan could have weighed in Rio. If we had taken him, it would have been in Charles Kahudi’s place. We preserved those who had obtained the qualification in Manila at the TQO. But there was no picture, no reason. But it’s easy to say after… “.

“I didn’t want to hear about the Blues anymore”

Afterwards, Evan Fournier himself mentioned this non-selection for the 2016 Olympic Games with the French team. After this disappointment, he thought of stopping everything. “ I thought about it. I did not project myself, I had rage and I did not want to hear any more about the Blues. It was too lively. I finished my season and I left with my wife in a national park in Utah, without a phone, without anything. Afterwards, when you go camping in the middle of nowhere, you think. I tried to tell myself that it wasn’t personal, not because he didn’t like my face or thought I was an asshole. The following season, I gave him a call before the European Championship”.

“It was one of the hardest things of my career”

Finally, Evan Fournier took the opportunity to talk about this mea culpa from the coach of the Blues Vincent Collet. Apologies that had already been presented to the player in the past NBA. “ He had already said it. Honestly, it’s fun. It even strengthened our relationship. ‘Cause it’s been one of the hardest things in my career “. Fortunately, now, everything seems to be going well between the two men, ready to bring a new title to the France.

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