Alcaraz about to write history, his clan releases its truths

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Alcaraz about to write history, his clan releases its truths


Alcaraz about to write history, his clan releases its truths

Posted on September 9, 2022 at 10:35 p.m. by The editorial staff

Carlos Alcaraz has the opportunity to mark the history of tennis, and that of his career, at the end of this US Open. Indeed, the Spaniard, described by some as “the new Nadal”, will very soon play a semi-final of the US Open, and could well afford his first Grand Slam and his very first place as world number 1. at 19 years old. And his entourage lets go of his truths before this fateful moment…

Carlos Alcaraz could already enter the history of tennis, and this at 19 years old. Indeed, the Spaniard, considered by many observers as the new Rafael Nadal, has the opportunity to become world number 1 at the end of the‘US Open. Tournament in which he will play a semi-final against the scorer of his compatriot, Frances Tiafoe. He could well afford his very first Grand Slam title, and at the same time, reach the world number 1 spot.

“Mentally, he is ready”

Thus, in an interview granted to the site of theATPthe trainer of Carlos AlcarazJuan Carlos Ferrero mentioned this possibility of winning a first Grand Slam and glean the title of world number 1 at only 19 years old. ” We are not talking about all that (the place of world number one, editor’s note). We do not get ahead of ourselves. We know the opportunity he has in front of him. He immerses himself, he tries to improve his tennis every day and he has fun on the court. His joy on the court is what makes him play well. There is still a long way to go and there is so much to do to get there. Mentally, he’s ready to win a Grand Slam and be number 1 in the world, but you have to keep working hard and keeping your head down all the time, keeping that humility he has. “.

“It’s one of the best matches I’ve seen”

Otherwise, Juan Carlos Ferrero talked about the match Carlos Alcaraz in front of Jannik Sinner. “ It’s one of the best matches I’ve seen, because of the constant intensity and the difficulty of the opponent. They forced themselves to surpass themselves. They will be two of the greatest players of the next 10 years, with all due respect to those who are there. They are at a very, very high level. There are other players who come close, but I think they will be the two dominant players on Tour in the future. Alcaraz is a fierce competitor. He fights to the end in every game. When he finished, I told him I was really proud of how he accomplished it. “.

“He has a special way of connecting with people”

Juan Carlos Ferrero also took advantage of this interview to discuss the relationship of Carlos Alcaraz with the fans, before this important meeting against Frances Tiafoe, who will be in front of his audience during this US Open. He has a special way of connecting with people, it’s really magnetic. The way he gives his all on the court and the way he plays… That intensity, and that speed in his shots… He can do so many things in a game, and that’s what entertains the crowd. I love watching him play, and I’ve been in the tennis world for a long time “. Carlos Alcaraz therefore has everything to please as world number 1. It remains to be seen whether he will manage to go all the way and grab this symbolic place, just like the Grand Slam…

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